Creamy Fruit and Oats Muesli

½ cup oats, uncooked ½ cup LDF Milk 4 oz. Noosa Plain Yoghurt ¼ cup sunflower seeds 2 Tbsp. flax seeds ½ cup flaked almonds 2 tsp. lemon juice ½ cup seedless grapes ½ cup raisins Combine oats, seeds, almonds and raisins. Mix together yogurt, milk, lemon juice and grapes and pour over dry mixture. […]

Bhakti Ginger Pear and Oat Smoothie

1 small pear, cored and cut into one inch cubes 2 Tbsp. cinnamon 8 oz. Noosa Plain Yoghurt 1 cup Bhakti Chai Concentrate ½ cup instant oats, uncooked 8 ice cubes Combine all ingredients and blend on high for one minute and serve immediately. Makes 2 servings. Recipe adapted from Mooo News, January 2015