Rome’s Meatball Pizza Cups

These pizza cups are the perfect game day finger food to feed a crowd, and very kid-friendly. Makes 24 cups. 2 11-oz. cans refrigerated thin pizza crust 24 Rome’s meatballs 1½ cup pizza sauce ½ cup fresh basil chopped 2 cups Tillamook shredded cheese Preheat oven to 375° F. Unroll pizza dough and use a […]

Wrapped Rome’s Sausage Bites

Want to bring this fun party food to the next level? Brush the dough with honey mustard before baking. Makes 24-32 bites. 1 8-oz. can refrigerated pastry dough sheet Poppy seeds (optional) Honey Dijon mustard Flaky sea salt (optional) 8 Rome’s Italian sausages Mustards, such as brown or whole-grain (optional) 1 large egg, beaten Cook […]