Cheesie Quesadillas

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Ask an adult if you can use the oven and the cheese shredder.
Turn on the oven to 350 degrees.

Get out a cookie sheet, cheese shredder or grater, and a can opener.

Don’t forget to get out this food stuff too:
8 ounces of Mild Cheddar or Jack cheese
6 medium flour tortillas
1 small can of chopped black olives
1 small can of mild green chilies

Grate or shred the cheese into a bowl or onto a piece of waxed paper. On a clean counter, lay out the tortillas. Sprinkle about 1/3 cup of the cheese over each tortilla. Use a spoon to put some black olives and green chilies on top of the cheese. (Don’t touch the chilies with your fingers.)

Fold the tortillas over the filling one time. Put the tortillas on the cookie sheet. Put the cookie sheet in the warm oven and set the timer for 5 minutes. When it is finished, the cheese will be just melted. You can serve them whole or cut them into wedges.

Watch out! They’re hot but great!