Choco-Berry Milk Chiller

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Dazzle your kids with this fun, nutrient-packed chiller

4 tablespoons chocolate syrup, divided
2 tablespoons raspberry syrup
1 cup Longmont Dairy Farm 2% chocolate milk
Multi-colored sprinkles (optional)
Fresh or frozen raspberries or strawberries (optional)

Stir 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup and 2 tablespoons raspberry syrup into chocolate milk and mix thoroughly. Chill mixture in freezer for five minutes.

While mixture is chilling, dip two glasses in sprinkles to coat rims, if desired. Drizzle remaining chocolate syrup on inside and bottom of glasses. Remove mixture from freezer. Pour into prepared glasses. Garnish with raspberries or strawberries, if desired.

Nutrition facts per serving:
231 calories; 2 g fat; 1 g saturated fat; 4 mg cholesterol; 95 mg sodium; 50 g carbohydrates; 5 g protein; 15% Daily Value calcium; 5% Daily Value vitamin A; 12% Daily Value vitamin D; 5% Daily Value iron.

Mooo News, October 2005