Mother’s Day Fruit Parfait

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Fun for the kids to make. Can be stored overnight, covered, in the refrigerator. 4 servings.

• 4 clear parfait glasses or 6 oz. clear plastic glasses

• Mom’s favorite fruit. (A tub of blueberries is easy to wash and doesn’t require cutting. If a grown-up helps, they could cut strawberries, bananas, or other favorite fruits.)

• 1 tub (24 oz.) Noosa Vanilla Yoghurt

• (Optional) Granola 4 Pack by Enjoy Biscotti – 1 of the 4 packs for topping.

Have the kids layer fruit between layers of yogurt. End with yogurt on top. Keep chilled. Sprinkle with granola just before serving. Makes a pretty dessert for any Mother’s Day meal.