Banana Chocolate Chip Bread French Toast

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An easy and decadent treat for Mother’s Day Breakfast.

(4 single slice servings)
1 loaf Banana Chocolate Chip Bread (or regular Banana Bread)
3 Egg-land’s Best Eggs
3 Tablespoons Longmont Dairy Milk
2 Tablespoons Country Cream Butter or ghee

Optional toppings: Maple syrup, powdered sugar, blueberries, banana slices, or whipped cream
Slice 4 thick slices (3/4 to 1 inch thick) of bread. Whisk eggs and milk in a shallow bowl.
Melt butter or ghee over medium heat in a large skillet. Quickly dip each slice into the egg mixture to coat on both sides. Cook on both sides until golden brown. Top with your favorite topping and serve.