Easy Acai Bowls

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The açai berry is known for its superfood powers. This recipe from one of our customers can be easily modified based on preferences and dietary restrictions. Makes one serving.

8 oz Longmont Dairy vanilla Pro‑to‑Go
4 oz raspberry Noosa yoghurt
1 cup frozen berries
3.53-oz packet frozen açai puree
Enjoy Biscotti granola
fresh fruit (berries, bananas)
chocolate chips
shaved coconut

Pruee the Pro-to-Go, yoghurt, frozen berries, and açai until smooth. Pour into a bowl and top with your favorite toppings.

Other ideas:
For non-dairy, low-sugar variations
use one of the Califia non-dairy beverages. Add flavored protein powder. Add honey for sweetness. Use non-dairy plain yogurt.